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World Movement Disorders Day
Boost Awareness on November 29.


Movement disorders are neurologic conditions that can be especially difficult to diagnose, treat, and understand.  

That is why we are promoting #MoveDisorder awareness.  

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Key Facts About Movement Disorders

Movement disorders are neurological conditions that affect bodily motor control, disrupting an individual's life. 

These disorders are incredibly varied, including both slowed and involuntary movements. Causes are equally vast, or sometimes entirely unknown.

Movement disorders affect much more than movement. Non-motor symptoms can range from constipation to hallucinations and memory loss.

Treatment is complicated. Most options can only alleviate symptoms and weaken over time, so care requires consistent monitoring and management.

Because they can be challenging both to diagnose and manage, it is important to see a specialist who is trained to identify and treat these disorders.

Prevalence is increasing, outpacing growth estimates. Parkinson's is now the fastest-growing brain disease.

More About Movement Disorders


Informative Videos

Hear leading experts share about common movement disorders. 
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Meet people living with various movement disorders.
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Share About #MoveDisorders

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